Patch-Up 2-In-1 First Aid Kit






Form and Function


Thumbs Up

  • Bang for the Buck
  • Compact Design
  • 300 Pieces

Thumbs Down

  • Some Complaints Regarding Zippers
  • Soft Case

Safety First!

The Patch-Up first aid kit has an amazing 300 Pieces. Perfect for activities like camping and glamping or around the house.Patch-Up 2-in-1 Extended
This kit is tough as well as water and stain resistant due to its nylon construction. This makes it great for taking on outings and to sporting events.

The unique well-organized pockets and design makes it really easy to find items quickly and prevents contents from spilling out.
Patch-Up also prides themselves on providing quality, latex free, and hospital grade medical supplies. You get a tremendous bang for your buck with this first aid kit.

Great Flexibility With 2 First Aid Kits In 1!

Patch-Up 2-in-1 Contents

The Large Kit is (9″x 7″x 4″) contains 237 pieces with easy-to-grasp handles and 5 fold out pockets for easy item identification. These keep contents from spilling out on the ground when you open the kit. Very useful if you have been offroading or otherwise jostling the kit around.

The Mini Kit is (6″x 5″ x  1.5″)  and includes 63 pieces. This is a nice feature when you only want to bring a few items along or go separate ways while camping. The small kit can be stored in a purse, suitcase, or hiking pack while the large kit stays back at home or camp.


As great as this first aid kit is, I don’t believe it was designed to be completely submerged in water. In other words, it is water resistant, not waterproof. My suggestion is if you are wanted to take it fishing or to the pool that you place the small kit in a resealable plastic bag. This allows you to capitalize on the value of the first aid kit versus spending a bunch more for a waterproof kit.