Price: $59.99 - $39.99
(as of Jan 19,2019 23:55:59 UTC – Details)

The new Weather Station clock with remote sensor now includes radio controlled time and date setting using the WWVB Frequency. With a size of 6.5 Inches wide by 4.7 Inches high and a depth of 2 Inches, this weather station is a perfect size for looking great and showing all the details you require on the LED display.

Having the remote sensor setup outside will send back data to the main home weather station which using its own data readings and readings from the sensor will give you the weather outlook for the next 8 hours so you can plan accordingly without having to step foot outside. The wireless weather station then displays this data on the stunning color display with clear icons.

Included in the box is a mains power adaptor so all that is needed is 2x AAA batteries for the sensor to be all setup. The atomic weather station also now includes a backlight button which adjusts the brightness to your requirements. Although we recommend the main unit is powered by the included mains adapter, it can also be powered by 2 x AA batteries if you desire (not included).

Reliable Wireless Weather Station Indoor Outdoor model that will look stunning in any home or office environment.

This item is a ThinkGizmos branded product. ThinkGizmos is a registered USA trade mark.This wireless weather forecast station with remote sensor is awesome for any tabletop location (not for wall hanging). Now includes auto time / date setting using the WWVB Frequency, which can be displayed in 12/24-hour format. Can also be used as an alarm clock (snooze option).
The weather station includes an AC adapter (It has a battery backup system but the screen works best when using the provided AC adapter) and 1x remote sensor (requires 2 x AA batteries that are not included) which can be used indoors or outdoors. Easily switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit.
Features an adjustable LED Backlight, Indoor and outdoor temperature/humidity display, Moon Phase display and temperature alerts. Data is shown on the stunning color display making it perfect for home or office use.
Indoor thermometer indoor range of 32 F to 122 F and an outdoor range of -4 F to 140 F. Temperature alerts can be easily set. Approximate size: 6.5 x 5 x 1.5 inches (16 x 12 x 3cm)
Weather station feature displays barometric pressure which can be displayed in inHg, mmHg and mb/hPa and trends which are used to predict the weather for the upcoming 8 hours and displays them with 7 weather icons.